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Benchmark your Quality and Performance.

We provide actionable, objective insight to help educational institutions make smarter decisions to stay ahead of disruption and accelerate growth.

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OACORDe's skill index will offer a comprehensive evaluation based on 48 parameters. An employer's first step in benchmarking the quality of an academic organisation is to use the GEF talent matrix. GEF will give the employer comprehensive information about the effectiveness, capabilities, and performance of the institution. It is strongly advised to use the GEF index as a benchmark for assessing the performance of academic institutions while investing in resources during the hiring process. This allows the employer to identify the best talent from the given list of certified institutions and helps businesses shorten their hiring cycle.

The educational institutions are presented in four buckets, each of which demonstrates their excellence. where OPTIMUS is the highest ideal to which one should aspire. Employers, on the other hand, have compelling reasons to examine alternative grades. PLATINA and NOVAK are fantastic options for mid-sized corporations, enterprises, and small businesses. ELIGIBLE level means you are qualified to move on to the next stage.

GEF Performance Indicator will give a graphically strategic advantage of four categories of the academic system, with the difference depending on efficiency and performance:



Organizations that are well for the future. They meet industrial standards and exhibit superior performance. Organizations are aware of the current trends and take appropriate action. We have the ability to fit with marketplace demand, but their execution might be better.


They aim to meet demand, exceed and out-innovate their competitors. These organizations are well-suited to the needs of mid-sized corporate and small businesses.


Organizations in this classification are authorized to determine the conference's rate. They are well-aligned with current demand and demonstrate today's performance.

Technology is constantly evolving, and its influence is becoming more widespread across the economy. Businesses are currently raising the bar even higher, and academic institutions must continuously work to stay up with the growing expectations. A more specialised workforce with core competencies is required for the next generation of businesses.


OACORDe certification is one of the best international assessments for educational institutions looking to stay current with market trends. The OACORDe team seeks to improve the quality of the institutions, keeping them marketable regardless of their starting point, by having a larger reach with HR communities throughout the world.

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Building great 
WORLD-CLASS Institution
is just a step away

Save Up to 100%



Boost Administrative and Commercial Skills

In the education sector, technology and changing expectations in administrative and instructional settings are moving at a quicker pace. OACORDe certification assists you in modernizing and optimizing your systems in order to improve efficiency and results.

Recognize trends in the job market, talent procurement, and learning

Education executives are looking increasingly at just how digital might lower costs and increase efficiency as a result of a variety of business developments. With GEF insight, you can better balance sustaining critical systems while enabling developing and technological innovations.


Create and implement a final digitization strategy

Stakeholder participation, purity of goal, and the capacity to make quick choices are all required when developing and implementing a marketing presence in academia. Strategizing, the formation of fundamental administration and creative performance may all be aided by GEF studies and observations.

By 2025,
OACORDe hopes to provide a FREE Improvement Plan to
Teachers and Students..
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