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We assist educational institutions to get broader insights to achieve their critical priorities.

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OACORDe is a global research and advisory company with its headquarters in Singapore that offers a rating, assessment, and advisory services to academic institutions in an effort to improve their quality and performance. With Global Employment Framework ® Guidelines, educational Institutions have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their starting places.

OACORDe is establishing Global Employment Framework ® Standards at academic institutions, which is an essential element of the Industry Transformation Maps and is co-created with the cooperation of employers and HR experts from diverse industries for the global workforce. 

The OACORDe allows academic institutions to show the public that they are committed to improving the quality at all levels. We offer complete solutions to help you surpass the competition and become an institution that meets the demands of the industry. The GEF awards educational institutions with a high level of public trust and value.

Incorporation Details:

Company name: OACORDe GSZ Certification Pte. Ltd.

UEN: 201012610N

Incorporation date: 14/06/2010

OACORDe Values

Win Together

Together Everyone Achieves More

Think Customer

Consider the customer and be enthusiastic about their success.

Be Open, Be Fair

Be honest, fair, and transparent in whatever you do.

Make it Happen

Create it Possible, Trust, but Never Give It up are the principles of OACORDe.

Business Woman

We help over
30,000+ HR Professionals
choose the proper
academic establishment
to hire.


Worldwide Partner Eco-system

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We've built a global eco-system for HR professionals to learn about and explore innovations in businesses all around the world. We also have 30,000+ HR professionals in our network, making us one of the largest HR organizations in Asia Pacific.

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Emerson, PM - TCS

Every day, the industry becomes more dynamic. We require new people who are better at multitasking and taking on duties. GEF is dedicated to helping students build essential competencies at the collegiate level.

Reshmi, VP - DXC

As a global organization, we seek out specialty personnel with core competencies. MAC-recognized universities satisfy our expectations in terms of recognizing the relevant skills, hence shortening the screening process and simplifying the employment process.

Anand, VP - DBS

As a parent, I look for three things in a college: quality education, enough facilities, and career help and placements. MAC is a great accreditation agency that helps us understand universities by providing diagnostic data.

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