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GEF Solution for COLLEGES

HR leaders, Businesses, and Industry experts place their TRUST in the OACORDe GSZ ® Certification.

We want to get the greatest possibility with the capabilities we have and establish the college for the future.

OACORDe GSZ ® Certification Insights
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The Global Employment Framework ® standard has been the gold criterion that any academic establishment strives to achieve, and GEF has been the top-tier instrument an employer uses to evaluate the quality and performance of an academic institution.
We help over 30,000+ HR Professionals choose the proper academic establishment to hire. The ecosystem is expanding at a rate of 10% to 15% every year. 

OACORDe assessment report provides actionable, objective insight based on 48 key indicators to help employers make smarter decisions while choosing colleges for hiring. Also, OACORDe offers 360-degree perspective and in-depth analysis on the performance of the institution. 

GEF Intelligence assessment engine
aim at achieving 
Future readiness, Core competency, Industry exposure and Value systems. 

Administration of efficiency

GEF system assures that the institution, brand, or resource is reliable and results-driven.

Revenue assurance 

We aim to build a self-sustaining model through improving cash flow and reducing revenue leakage.

Control of productivity

Micro segmentation of tasks enhances productivity and helps achieve results.

Predictive  analysis

Our artificial intelligence techniques provide significant insight and predict future occurrences. Analytical tools may aid in the transformation of your academic operations.

Business Partners at Work
Scope of the OACORDe Assessment
  • Methodologies of instruction.

  • Business intelligence.

  • Talent development.

  • Learning environment.

  • Core specialisation. 

  • OEM Certifications.

  • Research and Industry alignment.

  • Collaboration and Technological progress.

  • Culture and Diversity.

  • Social accountability.

How to get Certified?
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Step 1

Fill the Application

We will do the primary evaluation, and survey to confirm the eligibility within 5 working days. Upon eligibility, our research team will share the GEF Assessment report in 2 weeks.

Business Meeting

Step 2

Get Certified

On meeting our Criteria, you will be certified by OACORDe GSZ Certification, Singapore. 

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Step 3


Use the Certification badge to promote and show off the trust symbol. 
Are you Ready to get Started? 
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